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On April 1, 2020, Our laboratory was reorganized as Advcanced Device Engineering Laboratoty, which is a part of Department of Precision Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering.

Humanity is confronted with many global-scale issues that include depletion of fossil energy and other natural resources, food shortage and population explosion, climate change and natural disaster, and urban development and poverty. Technology has the potential for significant impact to overcome these challenges and build a sustainable society. In response to the hopes, dreams, and wishes that people find through family, friends, and community, we believe that science and technology should be developed to enable humanity to responsibly coexist and thrive with nature in environmental harmony. To realize a sustainable and prosperous future, we aim to facilitate technological innovation by designing new materials, combining dissimilar materials, and introducing new structures with wide-range of capabilities contributing to next-generation of green nanoelectronics.

News & Topics

12 Mar 2020 Updateon Publications
6 Feb 2020 Updateon Publications
4 Feb 2020 InfoProf. Watanabe, Assistant Prof. Hosoi and Mr. Wada (M2) participated in the 25th Workshop on Electronic device interface technology which was held in Mishima, Shizuoka from January 30- February 1. We gave below presentaions and Mr. Oka, our research fellow and also one of our labo's alumni, earned the Yasuda Award. Congratulations!
・Mr. Terao (Research Fellow): The Role of Oxygen Ambient Anneal for Ba-incorporated SiO2/SiC Interface
・Mr. Oka (Research Fellow): Solid-phase Grown GeSn n-MOSFETs on GOI Wafer Fabricated by Flash Lamp Annealing
・Mr. Wada (M2): Highly Efficient Room Temperature Electroluminescence from GeSn Lateral PIN Diode Fabricated by Liquid-phase Crystallization
17 Jan 2020 Updateon Publications
6 Jan 2020 GreetingsHappy New Year! May 2020 be a happy and fruitful year for everyone. Thank you for your continuous support this year.