Humanity is confronted with many global-scale issues that include depletion of fossil energy and other natural resources, food shortage and population explosion, climate change and natural disaster, and urban development and poverty. Technology has the potential for significant impact to overcome these challenges and build a sustainable society. In response to the hopes, dreams, and wishes that people find through family, friends, and community, we believe that science and technology should be developed to enable humanity to responsibly coexist and thrive with nature in environmental harmony. To realize a sustainable and prosperous future, we aim to facilitate technological innovation by designing new materials, combining dissimilar materials, and introducing new structures with wide-range of capabilities contributing to next-generation of green nanoelectronics.

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9 Oct 2019 Updateon Members
7 Oct 2019 InfoProf. Watanabe and Assistant Prof. Hosoi participated in ICSCRM 2019 which was held in Kyoto, Japan, September 30-October 4 and gave poster presentations titled as below.
・Prof. Watanabe: Insight into Channel Conduction Mechanisms of 4H-SiC(0001) MOSFET based on Temperature-dependent Hall Effect Measurement
・Assistant Prof. Hosoi: Interface Engineering of SiC MOS Devices by High-temperature CO2 Treatment
・Mr. Nishimura (SCREEN): Characterization of Surface Potential of Oxidized Silicon Carbide by a Laser Terahertz Emission Microscope
26 Jul 2019 Updateon Publications
24 Sep 2019 InfoWe had 6 presentations at The 80th Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) Autumn Meeting which was held in Sapporo, Japan, 18-21 September, 2019. Our research titles are as follows.
・Assistant Prof. Hosoi: Improved Vth stability of SiC MOSFET by post-nitridation CO2 annealing
・Mr. Nozaki (Technical Office Member): Evaluation of Reactive Ion Etching-induced Damage on 2DEG at AlGaN/GaN Interface
・Mr. Tsuji (Research Fellow): Oxidation temperature dependence of electrical properties at SiO2/SiC interface formed by Ba-enhanced oxidation
・Ms. Fukuda (M1): X-ray Phase-contrast Imaging with Multiline La Embedded X-ray Targets
・Mr. Wada (M1): Improvement of Gate Insulator Reliability by Controlling Ga Diffusion into SiO2 Layer in SiO2/GaN MOS Devices
・Mr. Nishimura (SCREEN): A study on mechanisms of laser THz emission at MOS interface - Separation of the surface electric field and the photo-Dember effect -
2 Sep 2019 InfoAssistant Prof. Hosoi participated in TWHM 2019 which was held in Toyama, Japan, August 26 - 29 and gave the invited talk titled as below.
"Gate stack engineering for GaN power MOSFETs"
2 Sep 2019 Updateon Members
22 Jul 2019 Updateon Publications
5 Jul 2019 InfoAssistant Prof. Hosoi participated in INFOS 2019 which was held in Cambridge, U.K., June 30 - July 3 and gave the invited talk titled as below.
"Recent progress in understanding carbon-related interface defects and electrical properties in SiC-MOS devices"
21 Jun 2019 InfoAssistant Prof. Hosoi gave a presentaion at Technical Committee on Silicon Device and Materials (SDM) which was held at Nagoya University on June 21st. The title is as below.
"Characterization of nitrogen distribution near SiO2/SiC interfaces annealed in NO"
14 Jun 2019 Updateon Publications
22 May 2019 Updateon Publications
15 May 2019 Updateon Publications
24 Apr 2019 InfoA position of project researcher or project technical staff is available. Click here to view the detail.
12 Apr 2019 Updateon Publications
10 Apr 2019 InfoProf. Watanabe received the The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The awards ceremony will be held on 17th April. Congratulations!
10 Apr 2019 Updateon Members
2 Apr 2019 Updateon Members
1 Apr 2019 InfoMr. Oka (Research Fellow) was asked to give a presentaion at The 86th ECSJ Spring Meeting which was held at Kyoto University from 27-29 March, 2019.
13 Mar 2019 InfoWe had 7 oral presentations at The 66th Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) Spring Meeting which was held in Tokyo from 9-12 March, 2019. Our research titles are as follows.
・Assistant Prof. Hosoi: Thermal oxidation of 4H-SiC under CO2 ambient
・Assistant Prof. Hosoi: Improved characteristics of 4H-SiC(0001) MOS devices by CO2 annealing
・Dr. Yamada (Project Lecturer): Impact of Forming Gas Annealing on Electrical Properties of SiO2/GaN MOS Devices
・Mr. Oka (Research Fellow): Fabrication of GeSn MSM Diode on SOI Substrate by Solid-Phase Epitaxy
・Mr. Inoue (M2): Effects of GeSn Deposition Temperature and Wire Pattern on Nucleation-controlled Liquid-phase Crystallization
・Mr. Nishimura (SCREEN): Evaluation of the surface potential of oxidized silicon carbide by a Laser Terahertz Emission Microscope
・Mr. Nagura (Nagoya University): The physical origin of the suppression of hole leakage by Hf incorporation in AlON
1 Mar 2019 InfoAssistant prof. Hosoi received the IEEE EDS Kansai Chapter of the Year Award. Congratulations!
1 Mar 2019 InfoAssistant prof. Hosoi was asked to give below presentaion at the 216th Workshop of Silicon Technology Division, JASP which was held at Osaka University Nakanoshima Center on 28 February.
"Interface property of thermally grown SiO2/SiC structures and MOS characteristics"
21 Feb 2019 Updateon Publications
20 Feb 2019 Updateon Members
29 Jan 2019 InfoWe gave below poster presentaions at the 24th Workshop on Electronic device interface technology which was held in Mishima, Shizuoka, 24-26 January and Mr. Takeda (M2) earned Hattori Award. Congratulations!
・Dr.Yamada (Project Lecturer): Synchrotron-Radiation X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study of GaOx Interlayer Growth on GaN Substrate with Different Conduction Type
・Mr.Takeda (M2): Insight into Channel Conduction Mechanism of 4H-SiC(0001) MOSFET Based on Temperature-dependent Hall-effect Measurement
・Mr.Nagura (Nagoya University): Theoretical Study on the Effect of Incorporation of Hf Atoms in AlON Dielectrics
4 Jan 2019 GreetingsHappy New Year! May 2019 be a happy and fruitful year for everyone. Thank you for your continuous support this year.